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Russia's Economy: A healthy outlook?

Russia, one of the "BRIC" countries, is a formidable force in today's shifting global economy. With petrodollars and a rapidly growing economy, Russia is being eyed by companies worldwide for its opportunities in terms of both consumers and business-to-business sectors.

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Latvia's Economic Snapshot

Latvia, a member of the EU since 2004, is facing serious economic challenges. The economy may be overheating and the current account balance is an economic indicator many are watching.

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Upcoming Speech on Eastern Europe Business Opportunities in Krakow

New York, NY May 22, 2008 — Ruth Stanat, president of SIS International Research, will deliver a speech to the AIMRI conference in Krakow, Poland on business opportunities in Eastern Europe. SIS International has a strong presence in the region, and follows a press conference by Stanat in Bulgaria before members of Sofia’s press on Bulgaria’s economic future.

The speech will include the most current economic data, market trends and SIS’ insights into the region. SIS International is the US coordinator and founding member of the Alliance of International Market Research Institutes (AIMRI).


Welcome to Eastern Europe Market Research blog

Welcome to the SIS International Eastern Europe research journal, your portal to cutting-edge developments in Eastern Europe. Here you will find updates on market developments and various industries in the region, tips for effective research, as well as insights and resources in the market intelligence industry.

SIS Eastern Europe's blog is NOT your common business-issue blog.  A service of SIS International—a worldwide leader in market research, business intelligence and dynamic research services, this blog tracks market developments and allows worldwide contributors to offer their views on key issues. Contribute to and gain from SIS International Research's Eastern Europe Blog

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