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ROI and Mobile Assessments are Important to HR Professionals in 2012, Says market research firm SIS International Research

NEW YORK----(January 24)—SIS International Research, a Global Market Research & Consulting firm, has released its Talent Management Trends 2012 White Paper on Industry Trends in Human Resources Recruitment and Talent Management, based on the findings from a recent qualitative industry trend study across the United States among senior HR executives. 

Today’s Human Resources departments are being pushed in new directions, due to the continued jobless recovery, the expectations of the emerging Millennials in the workforce, as well as the introduction and refinement of new technologies. Companies are increasingly moving to online assessments, believing them to be less costly and time-consuming. In addition, corporate branding is becoming an integral part of the application experience. As a result, social media platforms are becoming an important tool to attract applicants.

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